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Analysis of SPC floor tile change problem

Dec. 04, 2019

Today's SPC flooring supplier analyzes the problem of tile change after SPC flooring. There are several possibilities to affect tile change:

1. The formula, why it has a certain relationship with the production formula. Our formula has CPE as the raw material, and the product needs certain toughness. If there is too much CPE, the toughness is too good. On the contrary, the temperature change after the paving will occur One of the conditions to increase tile change is to reduce the amount appropriately.

2. It is also possible to increase tile changes in the production process. This is a problem of production technology and habits. For example: The product requires 4.0mm flooring. Some start-up masters are used to adjusting the die mouth of 6mm, and some start-up masters are used to adjust the die mouth of 4.2-4.5mm. The problem is about the die mouth of about 4.2mm, from the die mouth to the four rollers to the tractor. The speed ratio and stretching will also affect one of the later tile changes. Regarding how large the die opening is, it should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Some adjustments are too large to compress the required thickness. According to the actual situation, the main reason is that excessive stretching cannot occur.

3. Tempering. Some companies still temper after production. As long as SPC is tempered, it will definitely change because the shrinkage of the SPC floor substrate and the wear layer on the surface is not the same. At that time, there will be contraction of different tensile forces, which are often controlled by the tensile force of the wear layer and contract upward.

SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring

4. In the UV process, a certain temperature is generated when doing UV. Many customers will add a water tank behind the UV line. Although I haven't fully understood it yet, I personally think that this is also an effective method for handling tile changes. The tile can be tried. Do not misunderstand the role of this sink. From time to time, the meaning of tempering must be heated first to soften the floor. This sink is only effective to solve the remaining temperature after UV.

5. When slotting, also pay attention not to overtighten the two long sides, which will cause the floor to deform when slotting.

6. These are just a few possibilities to provide tile changes. The most important thing is the external temperature change after the fire proof carpet style flooring is paved, especially the sun exposure, because the gap between the wear-resistant layer and the substrate itself is too large, which will cause the floor to There is tile change, and there is the size of the shrinkage side seam reserved during the pavement process. Be sure to reserve enough shrinkage gaps to control a certain pavement area. If the area is too large, it is recommended to divide it into several areas and increase the partition. Floor trench or indirect gap. Then you can consider using a thicker SPC floor. Flooring is generally recommended to be installed in the direction of the windows, so that the floor is in the forward direction and cannot be deformed. If it is said that there is a tile change in the absence of sun exposure, it must be that we have not paid attention to details during the production process and caused a tile change. At present, customers will encounter this situation, but the processing methods are different. As long as you analyze it carefully, you can basically find the problem.

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