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Applicable ground for SPC flooring

Sep. 25, 2019

As an SPC flooring supplier, share the applicable ground for SPC flooring today:

●SPC flooring can be installed directly on tiles and concrete floors or other solid and flat floors. The pavement should be smooth without visible damage. (Is the error within 2m ruler less than 0.2mm and check whether the ground is shelled or sanded? Protruding or recessing ground、Cracked ground, Sanding ground can not be directly installed).

●Please do not lay on ordinary foam floor and other soft or mobile unstable ground;

●SPC flooring is suitable for both commercial and home improvement,100% waterproof,not affected by moisture and temperature;SPC floor requirements for installation ambient temperature are indoor ground temperature maintained at 10 ° C - 28 ° C;

●Before installing, the ground needs to be flat and clean

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