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Common problems in SPC floor production

Dec. 12, 2019

There are many common problems in SPC floor production. The following SPC flooring supplier briefly introduce several common problems:

1. The production process is intertwined, and the start-up master is constantly processing the problems that occur during this process, so that the production is smooth. For example, the extruder often pastes. It can also be said that the mold is disassembled once a day. Usually, the production is stable and the paste is easy. At this time, it is generally necessary to check the wear of the mold, confluence core and screw. The second is to check the vacuum and process formula, calcium powder, raw materials of the SPC Flooring. Some people will say that you don’t have to check all of them? There must be a reason for the problem. We must check carefully, whether it is mold paste or confluent core paste, we have to consider whether there is a problem before. If the raw materials have not been replaced before, it has always been stable before. At this time, the check is whether the screw is felt and the thrust is not enough. The overheating of the confluence core is serious, so it is to check whether the vacuum is normal or not to pass the vacuum several times. These are basically screw wear clearances. How to solve them? The first is to adjust the screw clearances again. The production speed is slightly slower. If it is a formulation problem, this needs to be adjusted according to the situation of the material. Mostly, the incorrect ratio of stabilizer and lubricant results in paste.

SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring

2. During the production process, the wear-resistant layer is discounted and air bubbles. This is mainly because the angle of the cover roller and the guide roller during the lamination process is not exhausted by the gas, or the air pressure of the lamination roller is not enough, which leads to these problems. These problems are solved. It is relatively simple to get up, and it can be solved simply by careful observation.

Regarding the problem of the screw pattern of the wood effect SPC flooring, it is also the most difficult problem to solve at present. There is one or fan-shaped screw pattern. The current solution is basically to replace the screw. The screw manufacturer is also very painful. Sometimes it is necessary to replace several sets of screws. Is this a problem with the screw or with the raw materials of the process formula? I personally understand that it is the period when this problem occurs and whether it is the problem in all production lines. From the objective analysis, the screw problem mainly occurs in the later stage, and these problems occur after the screw wears. Adjust the screw clearance. The lines formed by the friction between the screw and barrel are difficult to resolve. If it is adjusted from the process, what needs to be changed is the lubrication system, which increases the plasticization of the material and reduces the lubrication.

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