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Correct maintenance of SPC floor

Dec. 18, 2019

The diversified patterns of the SPC floor can make people feel happy. In addition, there are different degrees of elasticity when stepping on the feet. Children will not have much damage when they fall. Its elasticity and free color promote a good The decorative effect can further highlight the humane atmosphere. Therefore, it is widely used in hospitals, kindergartens, sports venues, classrooms and other places.

The floor will be worn for a long time, which requires our regular maintenance. Maintaining the floor is not as simple as cleaning, and different types of floor maintenance methods are different. Three points of material and seven points of maintenance, so maintenance is very important, regular maintenance of the floor will increase the service life, and will be bright and clean as new. So, how to properly maintain the SPC lock floor? The SPC flooring supplier introduces it to everyone below.

1. When cleaning the SPC lock waterproof floor normally, do not use a cleaning ball or a knife to scrape it. The waste that cannot be cleaned in the basic way should be consulted with the after-sales service staff to carry out the removal. Toluene and xylene cannot be applied casually. And other chemicals to prevent damage to the SPC lock floor.

2. Although the SPC floor is waterproof and fireproof, even if the fire rating is B1, it is a fire-resistant building decoration material, but this does not mean that the fire resistant SPC flooring is not afraid of fire, so be careful not to burn the cigarette butts and mosquito coils in daily life High-temperature metal items, such as a live iron, are placed directly on the floor, otherwise the floor will be damaged.

3. Compared with solid wood flooring, SPC lock flooring is more resistant to abrasion and durability, but when transporting objects, especially when there are sharp metal objects at the bottom, do not drag directly on the floor to prevent Damage to the floor harms the appearance.

SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring

4. The best time for decontamination of the floor of SPC lock is to wipe off with a rag before the stain is dry, and then wash the floor with water. Pollution is closely related to the composition and color of the stain, and it is also related to the temperature at that time; timely removal of various dirt on the ground is particularly important for SPC floors.

5. For areas with heavy traffic and high wear, the maintenance cycle time should be shortened. Surface wax should be used to maintain the surface of the floor every quarter. It can reasonably maintain the floor and wax the floor to maintain its beauty.

6. At the entrance of the place with high passenger flow, floor mats can be used to remove the grit on the shoe surface, which can reduce the damage to the 4.0mm flooring.

7. The ground should be cleaned every day, and the surface of the SPC lock floor should be cleaned with a moist mop; direct sunlight should be avoided and ultraviolet rays should be prevented to prevent the floor from discoloring and fading.

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