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What are the advantages of dry back flooring?

Aug. 10, 2019

What is a dry back floor? What are the advantages of dry back flooring? 

Dry back floor is also a kind of PVC plastic floor. Shared the SPC Flooring supplier.

What plastic floor place calls is a big kind, also be to contain PVC floor, dry back floor, stone model floor among them.

Dry back floor can be understood as the back not the same PVC floor, mainly with sheet material.

The main raw material of dry back floor is PVC resin, material is more environmental protection avirulent and the kind of resource that still can regenerate, avirulent and do not have radiate. It is widely used in People's Daily life, such as water pipes, tableware and medical infusion tube bags, which are all green products strongly advocated by the country.

The Natural Wood Effect SPC Flooring is quick and easy to install without the aid of cement and mortar and can be used after 24 hours. Easy to clean, and is maintenance-free, not afraid of water immersion and grease, dilute acid and alkali, such as chemical erosion, under normal circumstances with wet mop can be cleaned. No need to wax, just need daily maintenance can be bright and clean as new.

Natural Wood Effect SPC Flooring

Natural Wood Effect SPC Flooring

PVC floor construction method:

1, dry back floor construction of the higher requirements for the grassroots, the quality of the ground affects and determines the dry back floor construction effect and performance.

2, flatness: the flatness shall be less than 2.5mm and the gap shall not exceed 2.5mm.

3, ground basic requirements: cement surface can not have sand phenomenon.

4, before the construction must be thoroughly cleaned the ground, if there are uneven or other bad places, should be ground or smooth, the ground serious sand, should be repainted.

5, according to the building benchmark ink line, find the center point, find the vertical bisector,

7, unlike SPC rigid vinyl flooring, daub floor glue should be along the center of the baseline as a starting point, to the four side of the baseline began to tooth steel scraper knife (tooth mouth to close and shallow) daub water glue, the daub should strive to be uniform, and water glue belongs to the semi-pressure-sensitive adhesive, paste only need to add pressure on the floor.

8, after the water-based glue daub, wait for its moisture to volatilize slightly (about 20), with the light touch non-stick hand for the principle, namely began by the central point along the baseline laying floor, laying floor should be aligned, from the top to the bottom, and in each floor around the light pressure, so that each piece and the ground is identical.

9, when the water-based glue is extruded from the seam, please immediately wipe the glue on the floor with a wet cloth. If it is not cleaned immediately, it will be difficult to deal with after it dries, please pay special attention. Scrub with gasoline or thinner if circumstances permit.

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