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Introducing a Very Practical Spc Floor

Feb. 27, 2020

SPC flooring is a new type of material. Rarely sold, the structural characteristics are as follows:

1. No formaldehyde: In simple terms, SPC flooring is made of natural materials and hot-pressed at high temperature to avoid formaldehyde problems caused by glue bonding. The structure is composed of: PUR crystal shield transparent layer, pure PVC wear-resistant layer, rich color film layer, SPC polymer substrate layer, soft and silent rebound layer, etc. The floor substrate is made of mineral rock powder, perlite powder, and left to stand in the air for 30 days. It is naturally healthy, and after adding polymer resin, it stimulates the mineral molecular viscosity of the material itself, like cement and flour. No glue is needed, and then it is hot-pressed by high-precision equipment to form a stable substrate layer.

2. Waterproof, fireproof, non-deformation, non-foaming, non-mold: The main component is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder, etc. Naturally, it is not afraid of water, so don't worry about deformation, foaming, mildew, temperature High and low changes. Bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony can be used. Flame retardant, fire-resistant level reaches B1 level, so public space is available.

3, non-slip, flexible, good foot feel: the surface layer is processed by special PUR technology, the surface has good thermal insulation performance, it will not be cold when stepped on, and the foot feels more comfortable. The base material is added with a flexible rebound material layer, which has good flexible resilience performance. It can be repeatedly bent at 90 degrees without any problem. You can rest assured to play on it without worrying about falling. The material of the surface layer has a non-slip design, which will make the SPC floor "astringent" after encountering water, and the friction will become larger.

4. Wear resistance and long service life: The wear resistance of general laminate flooring is about 6000 revolutions, and the wear resistance of SPC floor can reach about 16,000 revolutions, or even higher. Super abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and not easy to deform, the service life is more than 20 years.

5. Easy and fast installation: DIY is installed in supermarkets when you buy it abroad. Its lock type adopts international patent, the two sides of the bayonet are aligned, it can be locked together, and the installation is very convenient. The floor does not need special treatment, and can be installed directly after leveling / self-leveling. It can be installed directly on the original tiles and directly on the floor, without having to knock off the old tiles, which is very suitable for the renovation and renovation of old houses.

6. Suitable for underfloor heating, heat preservation, energy saving, no release of harmful gases: The base material layer of stone rock powder is the same as mineral rock, which has good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, and is very suitable for floor heating. After reaching a certain temperature, it releases uniform heat. Its substrate has a flexible rebound layer, and the surface wear-resistant layer can achieve effective thermal insulation. Wood look spc flooring itself does not contain formaldehyde and harmful substances, so it will not release formaldehyde and harmful gases when heated.

Natural Wood Effect Spc Flooring

Natural Wood Effect Spc Flooring

Advantages and disadvantages of natural wood effect spc flooring:

1. Can be used on floor heating without deformation and no formaldehyde volatilization.

2. Can be directly laid on the floor tiles or directly on the concrete floor. Ground leveling is usually sufficient before installation.

3. No moisture-proof pad is required. It is best to use skirting to close the side, and the built-in lock does not need adhesive.

4. Will there be bulging, warping, shrinkage and deformation when there is water?

5. The floor has no odor.

6. There will be no indentation on the furniture for a long time.

7, feet feel not particularly hard, sound insulation is good.

8, kitchen, bathroom, balcony can be used.

9, SPC floor can not be herringbone.

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