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Introduction to the difference between LVT, SPC and WPC flooring

Nov. 22, 2019

PVC flooring, commonly known as plastic flooring, is a big category. Any floor made of PVC is roughly called PVC flooring. The new floorings such as LVT, SPC and WPC are actually PVC flooring. Categories, they just add different other materials, so they form a separate sub-category.

LVT floor, soft and flexible elastic floor, professional expression "semi-rigid sheet plastic floor", they can even be bent into rolls, LVT floor market retail price from tens of dollars to two hundred yuan, before It is mainly used for tooling projects because it requires relatively high level of floor and requires professional people to lay it. Therefore, from the perspective of cost, it is usually only suitable for large-area laying. Of course, this kind of floor is both good-looking and affordable for rental houses or offices that do not require high levels of flatness. The recognized advantages of LVT flooring are: low price, environmental protection, wear resistance, good elasticity, impact resistance, waterproof and flame retardant, waterproof and moisture proof, and easy maintenance. This type of floor is often used in schools, kindergartens, and playrooms, and is also used in family children's rooms.

SPC flooring, which is a rigid plastic floor, can also be bent, but it has much less curvature than the LVT floor. Its common name is Shijing floor, which is called stone plastic floor or plastic stone floor in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is made of one-time heating and does not need glue. The market retail price of SPC flooring is usually between 100 yuan and 300 yuan per square meter. It has many advantages, such as high environmental protection; waterproof and moisture proof; insect and mothproof; high fire resistance; good sound absorption; no cracking, no deformation, no thermal expansion and contraction; low price; easy installation; no formaldehyde Heavy metals, phthalates, methanol and other harmful substances. The disadvantage of SPC is that the density is relatively heavy and the transportation cost is relatively high.

SPC Vinyl Flooring

SPC Vinyl Flooring

WPC flooring, which is a semi-rigid sheet flooring, commonly known as wood-plastic flooring, is called wood-plastic flooring because of the addition of wood powder to the early WPC flooring. Simply put, it consists of an LVT layer and a WPC layer. The foot comfort and sound absorption effect are very prominent. If a cork layer or an EVA layer is added, it is said that there is almost no difference between the foot feeling and the solid wood floor. From the perspective of comfort, WPC is the PVC floor closest to traditional solid wood flooring. It is called “golden floor” by the industry. Its retail price is usually between 200-400 yuan per square meter. Its environmental performance is also outstanding, LVT floor, wood effect SPC flooring, it has all the characteristics, 144 test indicators all passed, and its installation requirements are similar to the composite floor, the installation is very convenient and very suitable for DIY. The drawback of WPC is that it can't be recycled and reused. The price is higher than the LVT floor, which is similar to the SPC floor. There are also a lot of WPC flooring, made into wall panels, used as outdoor flooring.

The above is the three classifications of PVC flooring that the SPC flooring supplier has shared with you. If you feel that it is helpful to you, please share it with the friends you need!

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