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Knowledge Of LTV Floor

Jan. 16, 2020

LVT (hereinafter referred to as "high-end vinyl flooring") is probably the most popular flooring material in the market today, but the quality cannot be generalized. Like all flooring materials that have stirred up the supply and demand boom-everyone wanted to develop into brands like DuPont and Stainmaster at the beginning-leading the fashion trend. However, the flooring market tends to follow many similar products. Because this industry is known for driving down prices, it is also accompanied by a decline in product quality. This is because everyone is trying to hold the market, which does not mean that they all know what they are doing. LVT Manufacturer Share with you:

The use of vinyl flooring China in residential and commercial premises has been widely recognized. High-end vinyl flooring is often seen in home improvement new homes (generally furnished apartments), and in commercial applications such as health homes, schools and hotels, and other places where flooring is used. There is no doubt that the high-end vinyl flooring has better styles, and most of them are also very convenient in terms of installation and maintenance. High-end vinyl flooring can be designed to imitate almost any style, but wood and stone are the most popular.

The surface of high-end vinyl flooring can be textured, but it also brings many challenges. For example, the vinyl floor moulded with texture has potholes on the surface, just like the cracks in stones, which is very easy to accumulate dust and is difficult to clean. The protective layer on the surface of some vinyl floors is too rough, which not only has poor visual effects, but also scratches polyurethane soles, and it is also easy to accumulate dust.

Like other vinyl flooring, high-end vinyl flooring will also have dents and scratches if it is not maintained properly. The most common problems include-irregular shapes, curling, warping, peeling of the skin, shadow changes, batch differences, etc. For those products with built-in locks, sometimes the installation system crashes.

Lvt Flooring

Lvt Flooring

So if you buy that resale product, be sure who you buy it from and where it comes from. The above problems, especially the problems of floor deflection, cutting errors and shrinkage, are due to the calcination of the product-calcination is a cold heat treatment process to remove the internal stress of the floor. If the cutting and calcining processes are inaccurate, there is a high probability that scraps will come out.

This prompts us: Be sure to confirm the product quality after opening the box. Just like wood flooring, the deformation rate of high-end vinyl flooring also needs attention. Once you notice any visible product, texture, or color change on the floor, you should immediately stop the installation.

Remember, high-end vinyl floors never lie, as long as you are good at discovering and interpreting, it always tells you where there is a problem. It's like a forensic file on TV, where the evidence will declare the defendant guilty or return him innocent.

Influencing factors:

Most high-end vinyl floorings on the market incorporate a snap-in mounting system. Some of them are self-adhesive, others can be glued directly to the base floor. Some of them have stabilizers and some do not. There are also some floors that add special base materials for some special properties.

Sometimes LVT flooring's locking system fails, usually under the swivel chair. In our experience, similar scenes always happen in the dentist's or doctor's office, because they always sit on a swivel chair and move around on the floor. This happens because the base layer of the floor does not match the floor itself and the installation system of the product. Therefore, if you are not sure whether it is feasible to install the system, you can first perform corresponding physical simulation experiments to confirm. Specifically, a rolling chair rolling simulation experiment is performed in the laboratory to confirm whether the floor locking system is reliable.

Another problem with high-end vinyl flooring is wear, as we often see, the surface coating of cheap products will wear out quickly. Coatings of 20 mil thickness are industry practice. Some manufacturers will set it higher, but the key is that the damage caused by the too thin wear layer may also cause other problems. For high-end vinyl flooring, appearance issues are crucial because vinyl materials are easily damaged by heavy pressure, scratches, and the like. The installer must be used with care.

Another very important factor is the environment in which high-end vinyl flooring is installed. Vinyl flooring is extremely susceptible to cold and heat and may expand or contract, so the environment in which the floor is installed must be relatively controllable.

All in all, high-end vinyl flooring is not indestructible. Like other flooring products, they must be used properly, which requires consumers to do their homework before deciding to purchase. It is important to know the manufacturer of the product and their commitment to product quality. Products from reputable manufacturers and distributors are more secure, and I recommend buying from these manufacturers. No one wants to work with guys who shirk responsibility. In addition, remember that if you encounter problems during construction, stop immediately and ask for help.

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