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Spc Floor Substrate Processing and Application of New Materials

Jun. 17, 2020

SPC flooring is a popular product at present. It is made by combining PVC resin, high-filled calcium powder, and various additives through high-speed mixing, extrusion, calendering, online film cutting, annealing, UV treatment, slitting and slotting. It has the advantages of environmental protection, no formaldehyde, low price, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-skid, insect-proof, flame retardant, no cracking, no deformation, no pollution, easy to clean and so on. SPC Flooring supplier to share this article for you.

The main performance requirements of Wood Effect SPC Flooring

1. Has lower shrinkage, warpage, and better toughness.

2. To ensure that it is not easily deformed in various environments and has a better pulling force of the lock and a certain peeling force between the substrate and the film. The performance is mainly determined by the ability of the processing equipment of the type of material.

Spc Vinyl Wood Flooring

Spc Vinyl Wood Flooring

Processing requirements

1. Due to the large extrusion capacity of the SPC floor production line and the need for online lamination, the stability of continuous production is very important.

2. Since SPC Vinyl wood Flooring is highly filled, the screw wear is severe and the value of the screw is relatively high, so the influence of the life of the screw on the total cost must be considered.

3. The floor is relatively thin, the thickness tolerance requirements are small, and the extrusion speed is fast, so it is required to have better material dispersion, plasticization performance and fluidity.

Processing Equipment

1. High wear resistance, relatively low extrusion pressure, and better plasticizing screw barrel

2. Design a mold with reasonable output

3. A multi-roll calendering system with simple operation adjustment and precise thickness control

4. Membrane-directed tension control deviation correction system is accurate and reliable

5. And have enough cooling space and capacity

6. Cutting and moving can not adversely affect the appearance and warpage of the board

Recipe points

1. PVC resin: It adopts a five-type resin of the ethylene method, which has better strength and toughness and is environmentally friendly.

2. The fineness of calcium powder: Because the addition ratio is large, it directly affects the formulation cost, processing performance, wear of the screw barrel, and product performance, so it is impossible to choose too thick calcium powder. The fineness of calcium powder is benefited by xxx mesh.

3. Internal and external lubrication: Considering the long residence time of the material in the extruder at high temperature, as well as the material performance and peeling force factors, it is recommended to use high-performance wax to control the small amount of use, and use different waxes to meet the initial and mid-long term Lubrication requirements.

4. Plasticizer: Due to the high content of calcium powder in SPC floor and high plasticization requirements, in addition to the control of screw type and processing technology, it is necessary to add plasticizers to help plasticize and ensure that the melt has a certain strength and is calendered. There is a certain ductility in the process.

5. Toughening agent: The floor requires not only low shrinkage and good rigidity, but also certain toughness. The rigidity and toughness need to be balanced to ensure the firmness of the lock. It does not soften at high temperatures and is maintained at low temperatures. Certain toughness. The traditional CPE has good toughness, but the addition of a large number of parts reduces the rigidity of PVC, Vicat softens the temperature and causes the shrinkage rate to increase.

6. Dispersant: Since there are many components and the proportion of calcium carbonate added is relatively large, the infiltration and dispersion treatment of calcium carbonate and the dispersion of each component are very important. Dispersion can not only improve the processing performance but also improve the performance of the product, increase the molding cycle, reduce and delay the wear of the screw barrel.

PE wax is not only a lubricant, but also has a dispersion effect, but the amount of addition will affect the balance of internal and external lubrication and the deterioration of melt strength, increase the shrinkage rate of the product and reduce the peeling force, and the product becomes brittle.

Environmentally friendly plasticizer: It can play a certain role in dispersion and help plasticize. However, if the amount is too large, it will affect the shrinkage rate. The Vicat temperature of the product will decrease, and the product will become brittle with the use of time.

Other dispersants: fluorinated compounds, isocyanate compounds, small dosage, good effect, not only play the role of dispersion and coupling lubrication, but the price is high.

7. Return material: Try to use the company's product return material and post-processed recycled materials.

Note: clean, not damp, crushed, and blended in batches, and pulverized. In particular, the slitted and recycled material must be blended in proportion to form a closed material recycling cycle. Large changes in the amount of regrind need to adjust the recipe of the sample.










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