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Nine Reasons To Recommend Spc Flooring Instead Of Floor Tiles (part 1)

Apr. 08, 2020

SPC vinyl floor adopts the advanced technology of lock, the floor is easy to install, the joints are tight, the overall effect is well taught, and it can be spliced arbitrarily; due to its locking force, it can avoid local bulges and effectively solve the floor Deformation problem; SPC stone plastic flooring can be laid without adhesive, which effectively prevents the use of adhesives containing formaldehyde and other chemical substances to cause environmental pollution and harm to the human body.

Anti-slip spc flooring has a warm color and a soft temperament, which can make home decoration look warmer and more peaceful. Therefore, the texture of SPC flooring has a wide variety of colors, such as wood, stone, carpet, etc. Customization, realistic and beautiful lines, combined with colorful accessories and decorative strips, can combine beautiful decorative effects.

SPC flooring has been widely used in many foreign countries. Now there is a lot of room for development in China, and its excellent characteristics will gradually be recognized by more and more people.

SPC flooring is suitable for many homes, offices, shopping malls, educational institutions and various places. It is also beautiful and reliable, and is widely used. It has many colors, I believe there is always one for you!

Nine reasons to recommend SPC flooring instead of floor tiles:

1. Personal safety

The surface of the floor tile has a low coefficient of friction compared to the SPC floor. It is easy to slip. If there are elderly people or children in the home, the floor tiles will cause serious damage to the elderly and children. Installed.

2. Daily maintenance

In the eyes of many people, floor tiles are easy to maintain. Actually not. Although the floor tiles look good, they are prone to black seams, and the scratches are obvious, and all the bad ones must be replaced. If there is a problem with the SPC floor, it can be replaced by a single piece. The difficult maintenance of wooden floors is a thing of the past. Now whether it is solid wood flooring or PVC / SPC flooring, the wear resistance has been greatly improved. SPC flooring also eliminates many problems of post-maintenance due to the good wear resistance coefficient.

Spc Vinyl Floor

Spc Vinyl Floor

3.Aesthetic aspects

Stone grain spc flooring has beautiful and durable characteristics. The natural wood grain texture can well represent a person's living taste. The color and elasticity of the floor is excellent. The variety of colors is also changing, such as: Graffiti floor, relief floor, etc. The floor tiles give people a relatively rigid feel, which is limited in color and style.

4.Material material

The material of the floor is very complicated, there are hundreds of kinds. However, because the geothermal system limits the use of the floor, it is slightly simpler for the choice of the floor suitable for the geothermal system, but the stability and ultra-thin thickness of the SPC floor bring more changes and choices to home life. Compared with stone, it is more durable and suitable for floor heating.

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