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Nine Reasons To Recommend Spc Flooring Instead Of Floor Tiles (Down)

Apr. 09, 2020

5. In terms of construction technology

SPC Flooring supplier to share with you: SPC flooring comes with a lock, assembly is more worry-free, labor-saving and money-saving. You can enjoy DIY by yourself. For floor tiles, it is necessary to consider both the color and variety of the floor tiles, and whether their size and size can basically match the ground without causing unsightly narrow tiles. At the same time, you have to buy sand and cement yourself and hire workers to work on it. In addition, large floor tiles have higher requirements for laying, and the cost of labor is higher. Of course, the overall effect of large floor tiles is better; the requirements of laying small floor tiles and the cost of labor are relatively low, and the overall effect is worse.

6. Insulation performance

SPC flooring has the advantage of thermal insulation of indoor temperature, while floor tiles have relatively poor thermal insulation performance due to fast heat conduction. Especially in spring or autumn without heating, but near winter, and winter without heating, the whole floor will feel very cold and not comfortable enough.

7, cost

The price of floor tiles is higher than that of wood look spc flooring. The specific comparison is as follows: floor tile price: 85-400 yuan / square meter; solid wood floor: 200-400 yuan / square meter; PVC floor: 85-180 yuan / square M; floor tiles paving: decoration company installation: 35-40 yuan / square meter; floor tiles moving to home upstairs transportation cost: 3-5 yuan / square meter. Installation of solid wood flooring: 15 yuan / square meter, of which the installation cost is only 10-15 yuan / square meter if solid wood multilayers are covered with moisture-proof mats. PVC floor installation: can be installed by yourself.

Many consumers think that wooden flooring is more expensive than floor tiles. In fact, the price of better floor tiles is almost the same as that of solid wood floors, and some are even tens of dollars or even hundreds of dollars more than solid wood floors. At the same price, floor tiles are not easy to be paved because they are prone to breakage during laying. There is no professional paving team. Consumers can only find someone to lay the tiles on their own. Rice costs about 40 yuan, plus the cost of moving upstairs. Of course, it is not possible to rule out the damage during the floor tile laying process and the waste of personal time. If you install the floor, you can save this cost for other uses.

 Wood Look Spc Flooring

 Wood Look Spc Flooring

8, home

SPC flooring can adjust the humidity of the air. Although the floor tiles do not absorb water and are easy to take care of, they are cold and may be radioactive. Floor tiles can't absorb SPC Flooring, so the room will be colder when the humidity increases in winter. The SPC floor is more friendly, and children are willing to run around barefoot. It can also reduce noise, which is more relaxing than floor tiles, and it has a relief effect for more and more stressed urban people.

9. The hard ground makes people feel uncomfortable

In public places with a large amount of wear, in order to ensure the wear life of the ground, harder floor materials have to be selected, and the wooden floor with better elasticity in the living area not only makes the foot feel comfortable, but also greatly reduces the impact noise on the floor. SPC flooring fundamentally solves the above two problems, making public places warm and stylish and beautiful, and making the living room more cozy and peaceful.







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