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Do You Know Why Spc Floors Are Becoming More And More Popular?

Dec. 27, 2019

SPC Flooring has long been popular in foreign countries, and it is still a new material in China. SPC flooring is of high quality and low price, and is popular among people. It uses renewable green resin as the main material, and also caters to the environmental protection development concept of "Green Mountain, Green Mountain and Golden Mountain" advocated in the report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC.

Compared with traditional flooring, SPC flooring completely overcomes the problems of seams, warping, and bulging during the process of changing the floor's exposure to cold, heat, and humidity. .

What is SPC floor?

SPC floor refers to nail-free, glue-free, and keel-free flooring directly during the flooring process. It is a new type of environmentally friendly flooring developed based on high technology. It has zero formaldehyde, mildew, moisture, fire, insect resistance, and installation. Simple and so on.

SPC floor is an extruder combined with a T-die to extrude the PVC substrate. The three-roller or four-roller calender is used to apply the PVC wear-resistant layer, the PVC color film and the PVC substrate to the heat-applied and embossed product. , The process is very demanding, the bonding is completed by heat, no glue is required.

Wood look spc flooring uses environmentally friendly formula, does not contain heavy metals, phthalates, methanol and other harmful substances, and meets GB4085-83 standards.

SPC flooring is popular in developed countries in Europe, America and Asia Pacific. With its excellent environmental performance advantages, SPC flooring not only solves the problem of damp and deformed solid wood flooring, but also solves the formaldehyde problem of other decoration materials.

SPC floor has a wide selection of designs, which is suitable for indoor home improvement, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, school kindergartens, nursing homes, office buildings and other public places.

What is the SPC floor made of?

SPCD floor ingredients: PVC resin powder, stone powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, carbon black, the main components are polyvinyl chloride and stone powder.

The structure of the SPC floor: from bottom to surface, it is composed of PVC base color decorative film, wear-resistant layer, and UV coating.

Why are SPC floors becoming more and more popular?

Fundamental Spc Flooring

Fundamental Spc Flooring

1. Waterproof and moisture-proof. fundamental SPC Flooring fundamentally solves the problem that traditional wooden flooring is easy to rot, swell and deform after absorbing water and moisture in humid and watery environments, and can be used in environments where traditional wooden flooring cannot be applied.

2. Prevent insects and termites, effectively prevent insect harassment and prolong service life.

3. It has strong plasticity, and can easily achieve personalized modeling, allowing designers to play and realize, fully reflecting the personality style.

4. High environmental protection, no pollution, no pollution, recyclable. The product does not contain benzene and formaldehyde. It is an environmentally friendly product and can be recycled, which greatly saves the amount of wood used. It is suitable for the national policy of sustainable development and benefits the society.

5. High fire resistance. It can be effectively flame-retardant, fire-resistant to B1, self-extinguishing in case of fire, and does not produce any toxic gas.

6. Simple installation, convenient construction, no need to hit wood keel, no need for waterproof treatment on the ground, no complicated construction process, saving installation time and cost.

7. No cracking, no swelling, no deformation, no need for repair and maintenance, easy to clean and save the later repair and maintenance costs.

8. Good sound absorption effect, good energy saving, fast heat transfer and good heat preservation, so that the indoor energy saving can reach more than 30%.

9. Compared with solid wood flooring, composite flooring and laminate flooring, SPC flooring is of high quality and low price, and is environmentally friendly and fashionable.

10. SPC floor can be recycled, reducing urban construction waste, construction waste can also be recycled, old floor can also be reused.

11. Various colors, many colors and patterns to choose from. The flower film of the SPC floor uses high-definition printing technology, which can fully show the warmth and softness of the wooden floor; the cleanliness and grade of the tile floor; and the atmosphere and luxury of the marble floor! SPC flooring is very rich in styles and designs. Whether it is the popular wood grain and stone patterns, or the natural pattern that everyone admires in the "Buddha" era, it can be satisfied.

How is the SPC floor installed?

In the process of paving SPC floors, it is not necessary to make a thick layer of cement mortar like tiles and marble floors, and it is not necessary to hit the keel like wooden floors. As long as the floor is flat, it can be directly paved. After paving, the floors are tightly connected! No water can penetrate!

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