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How about SPC wood-plastic flooring?

Jul. 31, 2019

How about SPC wood-plastic flooring

Every step that the building decorates is very important, choosing to the floor especially is heavy among priorities, must undertake choosing carefully. As a famous flooring product among consumers, SPC Wood Flooring has a very large consumer group, and the quality of SPC wood-plastic flooring is also recognized by everyone. Why is SPC wood-plastic flooring so popular? Let's see.

SPC wood-plastic flooring - SPC wood-plastic flooring brand advantage

SPC wood plastic floor with market unique patent lock technology, six sides sealing paint process a full range of protection the wooden floor, makes the stability of the floor, and paint full and resilient, can foil more ecological beauty of rare wood, the shop is in the bedroom can foil more bedroom decorate a style, also don't have to worry about for a long time lead to trample floor paint damage, still can enjoy the most comfortable foot feeling. Waterproof Spc Vinyl Flooring also retains the original texture of the material, and the elegant solid wood primary color is under the illumination of lamplight or sunshine, showing a warm feature, which is favored by many consumers now.

SPC WPC flooring - what are the benefits of SPC WPC flooring

1. Natural and pollution-free materials. SPC wood model floor is the most typical double green product, itself does not have pollution source, some wood has aromatic tincture, send out the aroma that is beneficial health, calm god; Its epigenesis is an organic fertilizer easily absorbed by soil erosion.

SPC Wood Flooring

2. Beautiful and natural appearance. The wood of SPC wood model floor is natural, its annual ring, grain often can form a beautiful picture, give a person a kind of feeling that returns to nature, return simple return to true, no matter simple sense develops a school of one's own, wide get people to love.

3. Solid and durable. Wood usually floats, with a few exceptions. Such, Waterproof Wood Look Flooring serves as building materials and metal building materials, stone to compare and facilitate carriage, laid, show according to experimental result, the 3 times that pine resists tension to be steel, concrete 25 times, marble 50 times, resist pressure to be marble 4 times.

4. With good insulation performance. SPC wood-plastic floor is not easy to conduct heat, and the thermal conductivity of concrete is very high. Steel conducts heat 200 times better than wood. Wood can absorb moisture and evaporate. The optimal humidity of human body in the atmosphere is between 60% and 70%. The characteristics of SPC WPC floor can maintain the humidity within the range of human comfort.

The quality of SPC WPC flooring has always been recognized by consumers, and the main reason is of course the selection of SPC WPC flooring for materials, wood and other main raw materials. In choosing lumber respect, SPC wood model floor chooses the lumber of natural, pollution-free only, pass scientific process processing again, the intensity of the floor, hardness had very big rise, can ensure the service life of SPC wood model floor. SPC wood-plastic flooring is worthy of your trust.

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