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What occasions does stone model floor apply to?

Sep. 19, 2019

What occasions does stone model floor apply to? Following the SPC Flooring supplier would like to share with us.

Because stone model floor is a kind of new-style floor, a lot of people still do not understand quite, do not know he is what material pledges, what pattern, what size, what simple sense, more do not know to apply to what occasion. Today with everyone to understand the stone plastic floor suitable for what occasions.

Stone floor of the main raw material is 100% no radiation of contaminants such as PVC resin, many with children at home has been grappling with the choice of the floor, so no pollution in stone floor is a good choice in stone floor heat conduction performance is good, heat evenly, barefoot walk on the floor feel warm, comfortable and warm, overcome the stone material, ceramic tile, terrazzo, the defects of ice, cold and slippery. In Europe and America, Japan and South Korea, and other developed countries and regions, SPC lock floor is the first choice of floor heat conduction floor products, very suitable for the family shop, especially the elderly and children's activity space.


Stone plastic floor with super anti - slip, anti - bacteria mold, waterproof moistureproof and perfect seamless characteristics, so that the stone plastic floor into the kitchen again appropriate choice.


Stone plastic floor can do 3.2mm-7mm thickness, common 3.2mm, 4mm,5mm thick, compared to the ceramic tile, light quality, in the high-rise building for the building bearing and space saving, has an incomparable advantage, at the same time in the old building reconstruction has a special advantage.


Stone plastic floor in the impact of heavy objects have a good elastic recovery, its feet feel comfortable, known as the "floor soft gold". Excellent stone floor can maximum reduce the harm to human body, and to spread the impact on the foot, the latest research data show that in the stream of SPC is larger space shop floor after it fell down and injured fell nearly 70%, other floor on the proportion of the stone floor of the super wear-resisting also makes it more suitable for large stream of people in public places and office buildings.


Stone plastic floor sound-absorbing up to 20 decibels, is other ordinary ground materials can not be compared, so in the need for quiet environment, such as hospital ward, school library, lecture hall, theater and so on as the first choice floor.


It can be seen from this that SPC flooring is a good choice for us, whether it is for home decoration or laying in public places, due to its excellent performance and diversity of styles.

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