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  • Wood grain SPC Flooring 3882

Wood grain SPC Flooring 3882

Product Description:

1. What is SPC Flooring?

SPC flooring, is also called SPC vinyl flooring, Rigid vinyl flooring. Its main material are stone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer, which combined by the unique formula to form a stable composite material. 

SPC flooring is the perfect choice for residential and commercial projects, various of colors and designs make the flooring luxury. SPC Flooring with click system could save your time and money to install. SPC vinyl flooring is healthy, formaldehyde-free, 100% water-proof, fire-retardant, anti-bacterial, so could be used in any space, even in bathroom.

2. SPC vinyl flooring Structure:

SPC vinyl floor is composed of these layers.

UV Layer: Ensure superior stain-resistant and water-proof performance, saving maintenance costs.

Transparent Wear Layer: Restore the authentic color and embossing, protecting it from abrasion.

Decoration layer: Regardless of natural wood or stone structure, we offer a variety of pattern choices that will better show your personality.

SPC Core: Prevent expansion and contraction of the flooring, cover sub-floor imperfection.

Bottom layer (Optional): IXPE or EVA layer, better sound absorption and exellent underfoot feeling.

Wood look SPC Flooring 3784

3.Why SPC flooring?

Wood look SPC Flooring 3784

4. SPC flooring Specification:

Wood look SPC Flooring 3784

5. Packing & Delivery time:

Packing: packed in carton, then wrapped on pallets

Delivery time: 15-20days after order confirmed

Wood look SPC Flooring 3784